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This site has information and links about Daantjie (see the 'Pages' on the right), as well as the more personal recollections which follow below.   Please help this site to grow by adding further comments or stories, and please send this on to anyone else who knew Daantjie (or was affected by him) and who might want to add something also. 

Wonderful news: Catherine Botha (who is Head of Department at Johannesburg University) has translated a paper of Daantjie's on Husserl, and it has been published in Husserl Studies, Volume 31, No 3, under the title: "D. C. S. Oosthuizen on Husserl’s Doctrine of Constitution". We are hugely grateful to Catherine for the care she took in the translation, and for bringing this paper back to life.

It is with great sadness that we heard of the death of James Moulder in November 2014.  James provided a huge amount of practical and moral support in editing and translating Daantjie's papers for publication, which should be later in 2015.

Earlier in 2013 Daantjie Oosthuizen's family began to discuss republishing 'The Ethics of Illegal Action', a project which has grown into finding and making available Daantjie's complete works, which we are expecting to publish later in 2014. With much help, we have been able to find copies of everything we think was published - though we have not yet found his unpublished lectures, talks and sermons. 

As we were asking people for papers, James Moulder came up with a wonderful extra suggestion, of collecting recollections and stories for an electronic memorial - and then followed it up by sending a message through the Rhodes University Alumni Office to a number of his old students.  The first responses follow below.  This is a work in progress - you can start a conversation on any entry by clicking on the title to open it, and then using the comments box. You can also send us an email - see the 'contact us' page.

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